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Tim Richards, the popular Welsh broadcaster, presents an introduction to the Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth railway line, the Country Gazer, and the Machynlleth – Pwllheli Line, the Coast Gazer, as he travels along these wonderful scenic railways picking out things of interest along the way.

Tim also interviews Gerwyn Jones from the Cambrian Railways Partnership to learn more about initiatives that have been developed to promote the lines and link the railway to other attractions and activities in the area.

Download them to your mp3 player to play along the route as an audio guide, or play them here:

  • Cambrian Lines country main line audio commentary podcast cover
    Cambrian Country train journey audio guide, describing places of interest passed on the journey from Shrewsbury to Aberywstwyth (30 minute podcast: 28MB)

  • Cambrian Lines coastal line audio commentary podcast cover
    Cambrian Coast train journey audio guide, describing places of interest passed on the journey up the beautiful coastline from Machynlleth to Pwllhelli (30 minute podcast: 29MB)

  • Interview with Gerwyn Jones about the special offers with reduced entrance charges to promote the attractions in the area accessible by train: 'Bargains and Beaches'; Camra's 'Cambrian Aleways' guide to local real ale pubs; the Cambrian Trailways - walks from station to station; the golf courses and much more - including a quiz for children on the train (12 minute podcast: 11.6MB).

  • Interview with members of the public about the line (4 minute podcast: 3.9MB).

To hear more from Tim’s collection of ‘Heart Beat Guides’ visit:


"Our ongoing relationship with the Partnership has developed new initiatives to promote not only the train services but public transport in general to our students and staff. This has helped reduce parking and congestion problems at our campuses and in the town as well as supporting the local public transport network and reducing the University's carbon footprint."
Nigel Owen, Aberystwyth
Nigel Owen,
Head of Estates Management, Aberystwyth University


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